Well fuck guys. I have a website because I did stand up comedy for six years and I’m taking a break now. Gotta make use of this url I paid for!

I’m living in LA and transitioning from comedy to a career as an organizer. I’m excited to be working with a labor union and I’m afraid of sharing more details in case some sexy law firm for an evil corporation that’s funding Joe Biden’s campaign wants to dox me!

I have some new hobbies:

  • Compulsively thinking about climate change!!** You guys we have one decade left on earth to actually impact our climate and keep emissions below a catastrophic level.
  • Stalking Greta Thunberg (teenage climate hero) and Jane McAlevey (brilliant organizer and author on labor and organizing)!
  • Volunteering with the Sunrise Movement!
  • Being the Silver Lake Rep to the Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance.
  • Getting involved in local politics, with specific regard to climate justice. ***I’m TIRED BUT I’ll FILL THIS IN MORE LATER <3
  • One of the mods of a local Los Angeles Swing Left chapter (We elected the hell out of Katie Porter, Katie Hill and Harley Rouda in 2018!)
  • and didn’t have time to tell jokes onstage every night while also giving the climate justice movement everything I had after working long days fighting the man with workers!

Well hey, I’m glad you stopped by. If I still had a manager she’d be glad too (and she’d also say, PEGGY! go to IMDB and click on your page some more so your star meter rating stays high!) Boy do I miss Hollywood… If you want to join me in any of the groups above, I would freaking love that. Shoot me an email. sinnottpeggy@gmail.com